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MNU Full Online

The MNU Full Online course option, as it sounds, can be completed 100% online, from anywhere in the world and contains the full course content leading to the ability to be insured to practice as an MNU Certified Nutritionist.

Whilst studying the full online course you can expect daily tutor support and interaction, weekly lectures, quizzes and homeworks all delivered through our state-of-the-art academic learning platform and community group. Through these elements, MNU has been designed to take someone from knowing very little, all the way through to having the wisdom, confidence and integrity to support clients in achieving a wide variety of nutrition related goals.

Course Starts: 9th March 2020

Enrolment Open: 8th January – 10th February 2020

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Included in MNU Full Online

12 months access to the Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab

The Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab is a continuing professional development and mentoring platform for practitioners and nutrition enthusiasts. It has been created to support the businesses, knowledge and practice of professionals; saving them time and making them more money, doing the job they love.

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Guaranteed place and preferential rates for Bi-Annual Mac-Nutrition LIVE Days

These events bring together leading experts from all over the world to deliver a diverse day of lectures whilst providing the opportunity to meet hundreds of other likeminded individuals in a friendly and inclusive environment. These are also held on the same day as your graduation evening!

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Discounted fees for MNU Residentials

The Body Composition and Case Studies Residentials can be completed by Full Online students to ‘upgrade’ your qualification. They provide the opportunity to practice and hone your newly-developed knowledge and skills in a non-pressured environment, with professional feedback, scientific guidance and problem-solving expertise. The end goal is that you will feel confident implementing effective strategies in your own practice when working with clients.

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Heavily discounted access to Nutritics™ Dietary Analysis Software

Nutritics is a dietary analysis software where you can manage recipes, analyse diets and monitor activity levels, thus supporting you in your journey as a practitioner. Due to our partnership with Nutritics, we are able to offer a hugely reduced rate on a Sports Plus account to all Full Online students.

MNU Graduation

The MNU Gradation is free to attend for all graduating MNU Full Online and Full with Honours students. The graduation ceremony takes place following one of our Bi-annual Mac-Nutrition LIVE Days, which all graduates have the option to attend at a heavily discounted rate. We also invite all graduates, along with other Mac-Nutrition LIVE attendees to join us for a fantastic 3-course dinner and famous party after the event and ceremony.

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Course Content

We have spent a huge amount of time ensuring our course content is industry leading, and have also given a great deal of thought to the structure of the learning experience.

MNU covers a vast array of content, starting with a basis for the fundamentals of evidence-based nutrition working through advanced nutrition theory and principles for nutritional interventions and behaviour change. The content covers the practical application of delivering high level personalised nutrition services as well as supporting individuals with both clinical issues or elite performance goals.


Future Intakes

Intake Course Start Enrolment
Autumn 2020 14th September 2020 15th July – 17th August 2020 Register your Interest
Spring 2021 15th March 2021 13th January – 15th February 2021 Register your Interest
Autumn 2021 13th September 2021 14th July - 16th August 2021 Register your Interest
Spring 2022 14th March 2022 12th January – 14th February 2022 Register your Interest

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