What exactly do I get for £40/month?

12 x Guest lectures from experts in the fields of nutrition, business and soft skills each year

1 – 2 x Mentoring videos on relevant and insightful topics, based on current trends, each month

1 x Downloadable resource, case study or research update each month

Access to a thriving and supportive community of evidence-based practitioners, keen to learn and develop themselves and each others

The Key Components of the Mentoring Lab

The Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab consists of 8 core elements; each unique and invaluable to continual professional development. The content that we provide will be added to one of these areas. Each area of the Mentoring Lab is defined below:


The private, members only, Facebook group is the ‘community and support’ expression of our platform where you can come and discuss all aspects of nutrition with like-minded, evidence-based practitioners who share similar goals and values.


The nutrition area within the Mentoring Lab covers advanced areas of nutrition, not covered on MNU for instance. Advanced or practical theory will be taught by true experts in their respective fields.

consultation-roomSoft Skills

As one of the most overlooked areas of nutrition practice, this element will feature additional lectures and seminars covering topics such as communication, behaviour change, motivational interviewing, environment setup and much more!


Case Studies

This element has been designed to support members in all aspects of practice including clinical, sporting and corporate client case studies. The Mac-Nutrition team will share their own client case studies via seminars and live webinars/Q&A’s.


Martin MacDonald Mentoring

Learn from Martin’s many mistakes and successes to hopefully help you grow a successful business while retaining integrity. His love for helping people and wanting to improve the industry as a whole encompasses this area of the lab; we want you to feel supported and like you can call him your mentor!


Business Competencies

Covering all things business by true experts in the industry and some specific fitness industry gems. Topics will include Search Engine Optimisation, building a website, branding, marketing and the effective use of social media to help you actually make money with your newly acquired knowledge!

downloadsDownloadable Resources

Have access to and be able to download client templates, useful spreadsheets, template feedback reports, food lists to give to clients and much more to save you time and money!

researchResearch Hub

An area to help you keep up-to-date with the most up-to-date research in nutrition and associated areas. You will be given access to the full text of papers as well as any in-house reviews we do.

If you would like to join us and be a part of the community, sign up today!