evidence-based nutrition qualification

MNU is an government regulated, accredited Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Nutrition Science, designed to teach you the evidence-based, cutting edge nutrition principles you need to achieve industry leading results with clients, regardless of their goals!

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  • What areas of Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Fat Loss interventions MNU covers
  • How you will be insured to write meal plans for your clients
  • The countries MNU is recognised in including Australia, Canada, USA, the UK and more!
  • Which industry leading experts endorse the course
  • What career opportunities follow upon completing the Level 5 Diploma!

Complete Mac-Nutrition Uni alongside full-time work,

from the comfort of your own home!

Learn the most cutting-edge research and its practical application to become a confident and effective MNU Certified Nutritionist

Become insurable as a Nutritionist!

Once you have passed the final exam and are an MNU Certified Nutritionist, you will qualify for insurance* to practice as a nutritionist!

Learn from the best in the industry

Mac-Nutrition Uni tutors are qualified to a minimum of MSc standard and consist of performance nutritionists, clinical nutritionists & registered dietitians.

State-of-the-art, academic online learning platform!

We value your learning experience as much as the course content! So, we have invested in one of the best platforms money can buy!

Greater confidence for yourself and your clients

Become more confident in both your knowledge AND practice and as a result your clients will have more confidence in YOU!

Personal support on your journey

Unlike most other online courses, our qualified tutors are active in the student group everyday, all year round to support students every step of the way; ensuring your full comprehension of all topics and competencies!

Better results with clients

Getting better results with clients means being able to help a broader range of clients and helping them achieve their goals, more often.

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