Rabin Das

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

Learning environment vs other courses: MNU surpasses everything that I have done up to this point. The learning environment is fun to be a part of, modestly to highly empowering and most of all supremely supportive. You are constantly bombarded (in a good way) with little snippets of wisdom, cutting edge nutrition research and straight-up critical thinking to help you become a more complete practitioner and learner. Also, the residential days as a Full with Honours student were far beyond other ‘practical days’ within other courses. The perfect blend of learning, being outside one’s comfort zone to become better and social activities!

Level of student support vs other courses: Give the team a raise because they deserve it. The level of student support in MNU is phenomenal. The team provide answers, humour and troubleshooting support throughout.

Applicability to career and business vs other courses: Module 4 was one that I personally found supremely valuable because it touched on aspects of working with real people that you don’t really find within undergrad or graduate programs or ‘other’ courses. It was a welcomed addition to look at how working with people doesn’t just depend on nutritional knowledge but on being a human being as well. The business aspects of how to work your way into the corporate wellbeing side of things, client support and other forms of nutrition coaching (online etc.) are highly underrated aspects of MNU.

My personal highlights were the residential weekends; the added human factor fits very well with the MNU ethos. Feeling part of something that is bigger than ‘just another course’. Having completed MNU I feel a sense of pride and pressure to succeed and make the MNU team and my peers proud. Getting to hang with some great people at the residentials who share similar ideas and the common ground of wanting to do the best for their clients etc.