Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

MNU Doctor

Specialist Weight-Loss Physician

Spencer is a licensed practicing board certified family and bariatric (weight loss) medicine physician, also studying to be board certified in Lipidology.

Spencer enrolled in medical school at Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine with aspirations to change the world of medicine by pushing lifestyle before drugs (when possible). With his success as a wrestler in the Heavy Weight division and becoming ranked in the top 4 of the nation, his goal is to use what he learned as an athlete and apply it to his patients to help them get as healthy as possible using lifestyle as medicine.

Spencer is the author of the Fat Loss Prescription which provides evidence-based methods which he uses as an obesity physician to help his patients. Spencer also delivers talks at various event all over the world including previous Mac-Nutrition LIVE Days as well as running the ‘Ask the Doc’ feature inside the Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab.