The Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab

Do you want to be a part of a supportive community of like-minded, evidence-based practitioners who share similar goals and values?


Do you want to increase the success of your business with advice from true experts in the industry?

What is the Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab?

The Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab is a continuing professional development and mentoring platform for practitioners and nutrition enthusiasts in the nutrition field. It not only has a member’s area complete with helpful documents and videos to develop your knowledge in nutrition and set-up a business but it also has a thriving community page to share your experiences or ask advice from like-minded individuals. Once you sign up and set up your payment plan, your membership will begin! As a member, you will have full access to both of these areas!


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The Member’s Area

The Mentoring Lab is an ever growing informative platform, comprising of the most useful resources, expert lectures and mentoring videos available within the Health and Fitness Industry. The website is easy to navigate, comprising of 8 different areas; Community, Nutrition, Business Competencies, Soft Skills, Martin MacDonald Mentoring, Case Studies, Downloadable Resources and Research Hub. All useful Facebook threads are also categorised and uploaded to the member’s area giving you a wealth of useful information, valuable insights and actionable advice at your finger tips!



The Community Group

We have a private (members only) Facebook group which acts as the ‘community and support’ expression of our platform. It is an all-encompassing, trusting community environment where you can come and discuss all aspects of nutrition with like-minded, evidence-based practitioners who share similar goals and values. No question is deemed to be silly and members can ask relevant questions, post cool nutrition resources, ask the community for advice and gain valuable input from other industry professionals.



How to get involved

Step 1: Click HERE to fill out the registration form

Step 2: Request to join the Mentoring Lab Facebook page

Step 3: Once you do these things we will email you with a link to set up your subscription (£40/month)

Step 4: On receipt of your subscription, we will activate and send you details of your members area account and accept you to the Facebook group

Why create the Mentoring Lab?

Martin speaking

Martin MacDonald is the CEO of Mac-Nutrition and founder of the MNU Certification

Martin has a wealth of experience in the nutrition and health industry. He is highly regarded and academically qualified in the areas of both Clinical and Performance nutrition; yet Martin feels he spent many years doing things inefficiently and focusing on many fruitless areas and endeavours.

Despite working with international athletes, celebrities, national governing bodies and large corporations from very early in his career, he knew something was missing. That ‘thing’ was Mentoring and Peer feedback and insight! For this reason he spent countless hours having to question everything he had read and had been taught, as well as having to learn from countless business mistakes along the way!

The Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab is the answer to all of this. The success of Mac-Nutrition as the UK’s leading consultancy for nutrition advice, coupled with the widespread industry backing of the MNU certification as the best nutrition qualification out there, has led to the Mentoring Lab being a rich resource that evidence-based practitioners at all stages of their career can benefit from.

If you would like to join us and be a part of the community, sign up today!