Can I get more details about the Full with Honours course?

You can find full details about the Full with Honours course option via the Full with Honours page, but as an overview, while the course content is the same as the Full Online course option, the Full with Honours course option benefits from additional face-to-face learning elements.

These highly practical days provide the opportunity to practice and hone your newly-developed knowledge and skills in a non-pressured environment, with professional feedback from the MNU tutors, scientific guidance and problem-solving expertise.

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The 1-day Body Composition Residential will leave you feeling confident & capable to measure body fat levels accurately using skinfold measurements; a fantastic tool to enhance a clients’ adherence, keep them motivated and ultimately help you get the best results! You will also receive your own set of Harpenden Skinfold Callipers and Anthropometric Tape to take home with you. By the end of the residential, you’ll have all the skills and equipment that you need to add an additional service to your practice.

The 2-day Case Studies Residential will allow you to work through a range of theoretical and applied scenarios to become a truly effective practitioner. Over the two days, we will show you how to do a full needs analysis so you can understand how to respond to certain behaviour triggers, personality profiles, as well as how to implement effective consultations, complex calculations and nutrition interventions so that you know exactly how to approach any nutrition situation.

As a Full with Honours student, you will also get a complimentary place at the Mac-Nutrition LIVE day event, which is on the same day as your graduation.

The residentials are often a real turning point in cementing the course knowledge, advancing your skills and improving your confidence as a practitioner. The residentials have even facilitated the creation of lifelong friendships & business partnerships among many previous Full with Honours students!

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