Can I have an overview of the insurance policy?

Upon successfully passing your final exams, you will be able to use the title MNU Certified Nutritionist & be eligible to apply for our bespoke insurance policy to practice as such.

Our bespoke insurance is currently offered in 30 countries. You can see a full list of these countries via our approved countries for insurance page.

All policies include Professional Indemnity, Public Liability as well as Medical Malpractice insurance, and will allow you to work in-person and online with clients globally.

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You will be covered to provide nutrition consultancy, assess clients’ food and nutrient intake, address their health and fitness goals, and subsequently design personalised nutrition interventions, including the use of meal plans.

Policies can be tailored with the brokers in different countries to provide the level of cover required by you & your business.

When you graduate, you will be sent all of the details you need to become insured to practice.

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