Do I need a Facebook account for the course?

We strongly recommend all MNU students have a Facebook account.

This is not a formal requirement, however without a Facebook account, you will not be able to access the Student Support Group or Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab community page.

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Previously, we have had students that are unable to have a personal Facebook profile for work/personal security reasons. These individuals have simply set up a blank account, with a different name, zero personal information, no profile picture and the maximum privacy settings.

All we need is the alias name (on your enrolment form) that you are using for your Facebook account so that we can accept you to your Student Support group and Mentoring Lab Facebook groups.

Within the Student Facebook Group, we host the Welcome Lecture, LIVE check-in week lectures and the weekly discussion threads for each lecture where you can ask any questions that you have about the specific lectures for the MNU tutors to answer.

We hope you can join us to make the absolute most of your MNU learning experience.

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