As part of our ongoing commitment to producing the best graduates we can, we require new students to have undertaken some learning prior to enrolling on MNU.

Part of this is simply an increased exposure to both good, and not so good, nutrition information, teaching, coaching etc. Just as the process of improving an individuals nutrition is a journey, so is the process of becoming an excellent practitioner.

Despite the fact that some of the allowed pre-requisites teach less than perfect content, we feel that this ‘exposure’ will give a deeper understanding of the correct, evidence-based content that is taught on MNU.

MNU is centred around qualifying the next generation of practitioners. A paradigm shift in the industry to have the most well-known practitioners working under an evidence-based umbrella with a first do no harm attitude. However, if you simply want to learn about nutrition for yourself & your family, we will be releasing a new ‘laypersons’ course (MN School of Nutrition). This will also be added to the pre-requisite list in case people decide later that they want to take their learning further. You can register your interest in and get more information on the MN School of Nutrition course by clicking HERE.

Below is a fairly extensive example list of pre-requisites. You will have to prove your completion of said course/experience so please ensure you are able to do this before attempting to enrol on MNU.


A Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree in a Nutrition-Related Subject

Examples Include:
Nutritional Sciences
Human Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition
Food, Nutrition and Health
Food and Nutrition
Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Nutrition and Dietetics
Clinical Nutrition
Nutrition and Behaviour
Food Science
Food Technology
Nutritional Therapy
Obesity and Weight Management

A Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree in a Medical, Biological or Sport Science-related Subject

Examples Include:
Sport and Exercise Science
Exercise Physiology
Human Biology

Professional Qualifications and Courses

Examples Include:
MN School of Nutrition [coming soon]
The Precision Nutrition Level One Certification (PN1)
The Precision Nutrition Level Two Certification (PN2)
Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition (Sports Nutrition Australia)
International Society of Sports Nutrition Diploma (ISSN)
Institute of Performance Nutrition Diploma in Performance Nutrition (IOPN)
Future Fit Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Loss Management
Future Fit RSPH Nutrition Courses
Personal Training Cert [with a minimum 3 months of demonstrable experience working as a PT]
*Personal Trainers will be required to submit an Evidence Portfolio with their PT Certificate, see here for details 

Higher Education Qualifications (including, but not limited to, DipHE, HNC, NVQ level 3 or above)

Examples Include:
Sport Science related with demonstrable Nutrition Modules
NVQ in a Nutrition-related subject

If you don’t currently hold a relevant pre-requisite or if your specific qualification doesn’t appear in any of the categories listed but you feel your qualification or experience is in line with our pre-requisite criteria for MNU, please get in touch with us directly at before you enrol.