MNU Certification Residential Days

If you are undertaking the Full with Honours option, you have three residentials to attend. The residentials will follow a similar format to our famous Mac-Nutrition Mentorship weekends and have been designed to provide an additional level of competency through face-to-face teaching of extra practical areas.

Please note, there are limited numbers available on the ‘Full with Honours’ option as we want to make the face-to-face residentials as practical and applied as possible whilst allowing lots of time for questions and personal development. Details of all three residential days including content, timings and social events can be found below. We all can’t wait to meet you!

BODY COMPOSITION RESIDENTIAL: Saturday 1st February 2025

The first residential day will teach you everything you need to know about measuring body composition to the highest standard. You will get face-to-face teaching, both theoretical and practical, and will leave the day with the knowledge and confidence to reliably take skinfold caliper measurements. Furthermore, we will teach you how to interpret results and all attendees will receive a copy of the electronic Mac-Nutrition body composition data analysis report to use with their clients.

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What else will I get?

As well as your accommodation, you will be provided with an evening meal and unlimited refreshments throughout the day. You will also receive your own Harpenden calipers and anthropometric tape on the day.


CASE STUDIES RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND: Sat 26th – Sun 27th April 2025

Our next residential weekend pulls together all of the theory you have learnt and gives you the chance to apply it to real life scenarios. This unique case-studies weekend will allow you to practise, hone and advance your newly-developed knowledge and skills in a non-pressured environment, with professional feedback, scientific guidance and problem solving expertise. The weekend has been designed to leave you able to confidently work with a wide range of clients.

The specific content is subject to change depending on the most appropriate cases for your cohort, however please see an example of the 2-day timetable below.

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What else will I get?

You will be provided with accommodation on Saturday night. A 3-course buffet lunch will also be provided on both days (Saturday and Sunday) in addition to unlimited refreshments.


Mac-Nutrition LIVE: Sat 22nd November 2025

Annual Mac-Nutrition LIVE Days bring together leading experts in the field of nutrition to deliver a diverse day of lectures and networking. This will be a bigger event than normal residential days in that it is also open to the general public – not to be missed!


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*Guest Speakers & Timetable TBC*