Aaron Posey

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni has been everything that I had hoped for and so much more. Even though it is an ‘online course’ I genuinely feel part of a community. The level of support was amazing throughout.

MNU has provided me with more confidence and knowledge to grow my business and provide better service and results for my clients.

I loved the fact that the advice given was practical and actually applicable to my client base and business.

My personal highlight was how friendly and accommodating the MNU Team was throughout. The bonus of completing the Full with Honours was we were able to meet the team. You guys are great!

There have been quite a few success stories from my client base. One that stands out was a young female whose weight was always fluctuating, because of MNU I was able to educate her and build a sustainable approach to her weight loss journey.

She is now 2 stone lighter, happier, healthier and more importantly feels completely in control. I had a testimonial from her saying that I had “changed her life”.

Thank you MNU. Amazing course, amazing people, amazing triceps 😉