Adrian Ball

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

MNU has been superior to other courses in every form, especially in regards to the course structure. The layout and the course timings helped to keep me on track and made things flow perfectly.

My highlight of MNU was a video I submitted towards the very start of the course. The feedback I received from the team and the other students was immense and gave me such a confidence boost.  Talking on social media used to be a fear of mine but the core skills video, coupled with all that we learnt on the course, means that I now use social media as a tool to give out knowledge.

Since MNU I now know my own value as a coach.

Now I feel proud to move forward to demonstrate the further knowledge and confidence that MNU has given me and put it into action to go further and learn more about areas of nutrition that interest and benefit me.

MNU have taken an individual that hates online learning and made them enjoy it. I am a more confident, more knowledgeable and a proud individual right now and a great deal of that has stemmed from MNU.