Andrew Miller

By jozefsharp April 9, 2024

I completed a personal training course called Shredded by Science (2016), Online Trainer Academy (2018), & Precision Nutrition Level 1 (2020) prior to MNU.

Compared to the other courses listed above, MNU is double the cost but also double the challenge. I believe the more challenging a course is (with the right support) the more you get out of it. Upon passing the exams I have never been more proud of my accomplishment.

I believe that MNU instills a real sense of responsibility. This isn’t a ‘continuing ed’ course – this is a skill-trade course as I see it. I am learning a specific set of skills from which I will practice & improve on as the years go on.

As Martin states, this is the last nutrition course you’ll ever need to take. He’s correct! I never got the sense in any other course that what I learned was so fundamental that I wouldn’t forget it.

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