Angela Martin

By tobygraham September 16, 2021

The level of information on MNU was way more in-depth than other courses I have done. I definitely now feel more confident with my skills and nutrition knowledge.

All the content was also backed up with science, which is what drew me to this course in the first place.

The level of support from the MNU team and other students has also been outstanding. All questions were always answered in our Student Support group.

Module 5 was by far my favourite part of the course. Learning about different clinical considerations was important as I can talk about them confidently now. It was an eye opener for me. Having experts in these clinical considerations such as PCOS, Diabetes, Obesity, CVD, and ED was super valuable to understand the impact of nutrition on these matters and our scope of practice.

The Mentoring Lab was definitely a highlight as it does not only provide additional nutrition resources but also guidance on business and soft skills.

After finishing MNU I definitely feel more confident when picking up my phone and talking to my audience about a specific nutrition topic. I feel like an expert in the area.

The MNU guys rock!