Anita Birch

By sophielester December 14, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni is well structured, informative, and well presented.

I am super impressed by the number of resources available – this included not only lecture content, quizzes, homework, and additional reading, but also the resources available through the Mentoring Lab.

All MNU resources are proving invaluable to me, as a career changer.

I really enjoyed the variety of learning opportunities – the differing lecturers kept things fresh on a week-by-week basis. I’ve really enjoyed feeling challenged by the content, but also the manner in which it is delivered.

Of particular interest to me were the lectures on the Ageing population and the Eating Disorder lectures.

The level of student support was second to none.

I received timely feedback with any email queries. The end of module ‘Check-in Weeks’ gave me the opportunity to clarify items of concern, immediately, and were also a valuable bonding opportunity with my student cohort.