Ashley Sabin

By tobygraham December 8, 2021

In comparison to other courses I’ve done, MNU has the highest level of detail and was very obviously designed with students’ future careers in mind rather than just a tick box CPD.

The course content was applicable information that dispelled popular misconceptions that I had. At the same time there were many resources available to cover any subject in a lot more depth, should students have the time and desire to learn more.

The level of support available was outstanding, from the emails to the Student support group. There was never any point that I felt like I was doing it alone. I knew I would get help quickly should I want or need it, which was very important for me and impressive for an online course in the middle of a pandemic.

The highlight for me was the residential that I attended, so much so that I think I’d like to do the other one and upgrade to the Full with Honours course.

Another highlight was the clinical populations module and the performance nutrition programming. I liked how the lectures in these modules were simplified to give me a structured plan on what can be done in terms of nutrition, which I think will be very useful in the real world.

As I’m already working as a PT, I feel that MNU has helped me work with all my clients. I’ve been able to use different strategies with different people, for example, I helped a friend of mine cut weight properly for an MMA fight which he was then able to win.

I’ve also had a weight-loss client who was losing weight for IVF treatment. She lost the weight and then got pregnant just before her treatment, which was great!