Ben Turner

By tobygraham September 10, 2021

Having completed other similar courses throughout my military and personal training qualifications, MNU has been exceptional with student support.

MNU exceeded expectations at all levels to provide feedback, answers to queries and group discussion with total professionalism but with a warming attitude.

As a career changer, despite feeling nervous getting out there and making my impact, I feel more confident than I would with a degree!

This is an empowering course, that prepares you to HELP real people.

The quality of learning was extraordinary covering topics I thought I knew and others that I didn’t even consider, but which dovetailed with the demand, needs and necessity of today’s world.

I have never done a course where I completed it and thought to myself that life would never be the same again.

A highlight for me was learning from the lectures and then sharing what I learnt with a degree of enthusiasm for nutrition that I didn’t know I had! MNU has lit a fire inside me, the interest was always there but MNU developed the passion.

I started this as a journey of self intrigue, to help my own nutrition. I completed the course as a passionate practitioner. Speaking to people in gyms, friends and family I have helped more people than I could have imagined.

I have developed my own unique way of portraying evidence-based nutrition and health to help people and feel as though my life has changed. With all the challenges of this year, I am confident in saying that MNU has been the best course decision of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Martin and the team. You have done something truly amazing in this world.

MNU has changed my life and given me some direction in a time where I thought I was without.