Brian Coleman

By tobygraham September 15, 2021

MNU has been by far the best course I’ve done.

Support was there whenever I needed it. However, it wasn’t needed often due to the level of information and clarity given throughout the course. It’s second to none!

What I loved was the no-nonsense approach. You are told what you need to learn to work with clients. Plus given the extra links, homework and readings to go deeper into areas of interest or areas you want more info on. This leaves you feeling so confident and reassured that you don’t have to know all the ‘nitty-gritty’ details.

The material on LEARN is well-organised and straightforward. I have to say I really looked forward to the new lectures, they increased my confidence every week.

Very early in the course, I got to inform a client about a low FODMAPS diet, which helped her massively reduce bloating and increase energy and confidence.

About 3 weeks after the PCOS lecture, I had a client come to me suffering from it. I started a plan with her and she has never had such good results.

Various clients who I had previously been trying to get to track their calories have been given different methods, which I learnt on MNU.

I loved MNU and would highly recommend it to anyone enquiring about it. MNU has left me with an amazing amount of confidence and knowledge to go forward and help my clients.