Caroline Phillips

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

The student support was fantastic; I have done an Open University course before and this was much better suited for me in comparison.

The Student group, The Mentoring Lab and the constant response and reassurance from tutors for myself and others was second to none.

I have loved MNU so much but it has highlighted to me that I am really keen to develop my skills not only in a weight loss environment but in a clinical one too and having the information on MNU has allowed me to appreciate where my interests are.

The course felt highly applicable to ‘real life’ and what I can imagine my job to be if I were working as a nutritionist, I feel like it has set me up really well for the world of work in nutrition.

It was such a useful course! So many myths dispelled throughout, that will save me a lifetime of nutrition confusion for my own health. Very empowering!