Chantelle Hatcher

By tobygraham August 22, 2022

MNU has opened up new clientele and new opportunities for me to help people in different ways whilst getting my clients quicker results.

It has also expanded my client base as I now can offer Nutrition consultations as well as PT. I completed my personal training course fully online also and I have to say there is no comparison when it comes to support!

Staff and tutors at MNU are quick to respond and the Facebook student page is amazing. Knowing you are able to get answers quickly is so comforting. Doing my PT course sometimes I would wait weeks for a response, which at times left me lost with the feeling I couldn’t continue to learn until I found my answers, but it was completely different with MNU!

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the MNU team! You guys are a credit to society, helping us to help so many others! I feel totally empowered and excited for a new journey as an evidence-based practitioner.