Chelsea Turner

By jessbryant January 12, 2023

Words cannot express how amazing Mac-Nutrition Uni has been.

From the easy-to-understand educational content, wonderful support, and everything in between, it is truly the best course on the market.

Before MNU, I had strong concepts and ideas about real health. Early on in the course, you are invited to challenge your own ideologies and biases around nutrition and its application. It was such a memorable task, something I doubt any other education institutions promote. That was the beginning of a profound change in myself.

I have now adopted a more critical mindset when presented with not just nutritional information, but any information.

This critical thinking mindset is a constant theme throughout the course and you are motivated to become curious and question everything. This unique skill has made me more confident, passionate, and eager to help others by demystifying the space of nutrition.

MNU is more than just a nutrition course, it has taught me so much about myself, the industry and my business, and completely changed my view on life.

I feel so grateful that I found MNU as it has allowed me to follow my passion and has set me ahead in life by leaps and bounds in just a year.

Instagram: Flourish_NutritionAndWellness