Chris Robey

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

MNU is the first nutrition course that I’ve done and undoubtedly my last, this course has been invaluable to both myself and my business.

The structure, the support, the knowledge taught, the tangents… it’s been truly amazing and I can’t thank Martin and the team enough!

I can’t explain how much this course has helped me over the past year. As someone that suffers mentally, alongside intermittent lockdowns, it has given me SO much focus.

The MNU team are SO knowledgeable and funny, but also very caring and responsive. There are so many elements that have made it a truly incredible experience.

I have been posting a lot on social media, passing my newly learnt knowledge onto everyone, and applying it to my clients too.

From my side of things, I feel much more confident when speaking about nutrition that people have even commented on it. From my clients’ side of things, they are achieving better results and as a result, are praising me (thank you MNU!!!)

Seriously, this course has been the best thing I’ve EVER done. There’s never a dull moment and the content is always so so engaging.

Thank you MNU for putting together a truly life-changing course!