Ciara Glover

By tobygraham June 1, 2021

I’ve had so many ‘aha’ moments over the last few months whilst studying MNU and so many eye-opening realisations.

I feel so much more confident now about my ability to help clients and so excited to start practicing.

I was able to better understand my clients and significantly improved my consultation service.

The extra material provided and the model answers were a really nice touch. I felt extremely supported and loved the layout and design of the whole course. It has been an amazing experience and I’m so grateful I signed up.

All staff members responded to emails quickly and were always very helpful.

Being able to apply what I was learning in my work was a highlight for me, Module 4 specifically was very helpful.

The behaviour change lectures were really eye-opening for me and provided me with great tips, particularly the supportive watching videos from the Mentoring Lab.

MNU was far superior to any other course I’ve completed.

The level of information provided exceeded my expectations.