Claire Morris

By romariodhaliwal April 9, 2024

During the last year, this time I came to realise that I was also unhappy in my occupation in Investment Banking. I felt stuck and disengaged and no longer enjoyed work; I lacked purpose and direction.

During a conversation with my massage therapist, they suggested I investigate studying with Mac-Nutrition Uni and perhaps consider a career change. After researching the course and listening to numerous episodes of Martin’s podcast whilst on the Stairmaster, my spark was ignited, and I took the leap and enrolled.

It was a requirement for me to complete the pre-requisite materials, which cemented I’d made a good decision, as it provided a great foundation to start MNU in September.

Despite holding a BSc in Business Studies and my Level 3 PT qualification, I was anxious to start studying again. However, the support provided by MNU has been second to none.

The LEARN platform is a great tool and the tutor support via the Facebook group provides not only clarification on areas when needed but also a sense of community! I now feel I have gained enough knowledge to have the confidence to help others and look forward to doing so!

Throughout the course, the tutors, guest lecturers and materials have been engaging and informative, with Martin himself being a joy to listen to. I had the pleasure of attending Mac-Nutrition LIVE and had the opportunity to attend a Case Studies Residential weekend despite being an online student, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend! Both events were extremely well organised and the staff make every effort to make you feel welcome.

Instagram: @claire.l.morris