Connor Rhodes

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

MNU exceeded my expectations at every single step of the way. I FIRMLY believe that is there is NO better practical nutrition course in the entire world. I have done a few courses in my time…and I will say this… Before starting MNU I would have considered myself in nutrition as an expert fat loss practitioner. I believed and still do, that as a fat loss coach, my skills, support & service are world class. I already had good knowledge of nutrition and coaching fundamentals from following Martin and other world-class practitioners/researchers closely for years (also learning to coach under LTB for a LONG time etc). HOWEVER…now from MNU…I have level’d up significantly. Firstly, I now have FULL ON level 10 nerd knowledge to back up my practice and the confidence that comes with it. I feel like other courses I have done give you facts. Which is fine if you are pro-active and go off and learn how to put these facts into practice yourself and about real-world applicability etc… But MNU is a course FOR practitioners. It’s to help you help others…and that’s the real deal isn’t it. That’s what we ACTUALLY want & need. MNU exceeded my expectations by gradually taking you through a journey starting with information and then bringing it back into the real world. That’s what other courses miss off.

Module 1 >Basic science, Modules 2 & 3 >Bit more science (now university for example, abandon you), Module 4 >How to help people, Modules 5 & 6 >How to help specific people!

Martin says it’s “the last nutrition course you’ll ever need to do” and he is NOT lying. MNU was the full circle. 1) Background knowledge & 2) How to coach (M.I & SDT etc.) AND…and this is a big deal…3) I also learned how to think better. I learned how to critically evaluate things much better. How to decipher, find & use research. When to be open minded and when to stand your ground. How to balance being evidence based with real life “practitioner” more anecdotal skills (such as coaching techniques & aspects of psychology). I have learned skills from MNU that will benefit not only my career but will bleed over into improving other areas of my life. I got much more than I bargained for AND I didn’t even attend many of the in-person days, so I didn’t even get the FULL experience. I will mostly likely be sticking with MNU and coming back again and again to help advance my career life & knowledge forever.