David Bowen-Davies

By tobygraham December 8, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni is unequivocally the best learning experience I have ever had.

The quality of course content and the practical design of everything including the lecture format, learning support, additional resources, revision material, exam period, I could go on…completely blows my red brick undergraduate degree out of the water.

It’s hard to pick a particular highlight but I love the way the course brings together basic theory with advanced nutritional principles and practical insights to give such a comprehensive and real-world understanding of nutrition.

MNU is the perfect preparation for someone looking to become a practitioner in the nutrition industry.

This course has definitely improved my personal nutrition from a goal-specific perspective which has been great.

Taking part in MNU has been an absolute pleasure and I have loved being a student throughout. Thank you so much to all of you at MNU for making the course such an interesting, funny, inspiring, and useful experience. I’m definitely going to miss following along to such brilliant lectures each week.