Dayni Baker

By tobygraham November 4, 2021

MNU was beyond thorough and covered all areas of working as a nutritionist in many different fields, and I now feel confident to be recognised as a leader within the nutrition industry. 

The learning environment is fantastic with full support when needed. The depth of information, the quality of the lectures and the communication from Martin and the MNU team was 10/10.

I have loved learning all the evidence-based information and teaching it to my clients. More than anything, it has given me a lot of creditability and client trust now they know what I teach is evidence-based. MNU also taught me to question everything and incorporate a critical mindset when absorbing new information.

The team’s approach is professional yet caring and the level of knowledge you gain from the course and the Mentoring Lab is phenomenal.

Instagram: DayniFinesse_Nutrition_Fitness