Derry Brown

By tobygraham December 8, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni was clearly focused on providing relevant information without the unnecessary detail that is often included in university courses. The focus on evidence-based practice and developing practitioners with integrity was clear.

MNU also provided regular check in’s and opportunities to ask for support if needed. A highlight for me was meeting the MNU team at the Case Studies Residential weekend.

I particularly enjoyed the business and behaviour change lectures as they supported my growth as a health and fitness coach.

I enjoyed Module 4 and 5 especially as they gave excellent practical advice and insights on working with clients. Making my MNU themed Instagram posts was also a lot of fun!

MNU has definitely helped me to improve the service I provide with all of my clients and helped me to feel confident charging more.

Thank you all for your time, expertise and just generally being an awesome bunch of humans!