Dillon Naidoo

By tobygraham August 22, 2022

Mac-Nutrition Uni is the best course I have done to date!

I’d say my personal highlight was the Case Studies residential, as I got to meet and talk to both students and tutors.

In terms of content, the module that stood out the most was the client-specific approaches, it opened my eyes to techniques I can use with clients to improve my results.

The theory and applicability of content on MNU is excellent. I have become so much more efficient in my practice, some transformations were taking me 3-4 months and now I use principles that I would previously be weary of using to get faster and more efficient results. My latest fat loss transformation took only 11 weeks!

MNU has completely changed the way I view things! I can’t thank you guys enough for how much I have developed as a coach. Best nutrition course I’ve done, hands down!