Dr Megan Michaux

By tobygraham September 10, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni is much better than any other online course I have ever done.

The Student group, the accessibility of tutors via email, and other students pitching in with questions and answers made it feel very interactive despite being entirely online. In terms of it being useful, I cannot stress enough how enlightening MNU has been.

My medical degree did not focus on nutrition for weight loss at all, and the lectures I have here will stand me in good stead to be a much better doctor.

As a doctor, Module 5 was a highlight for me. Seeing evidence-based approaches to lifestyle disease was really helpful to my practice. I also loved the IBS lecture, as it is something I often see but received very little information on during my studies.

Another highlight for me was actually seeing a patient to who I offered a free hour to discuss her nutrition. She is obese with multiple lifestyle diseases and struggles with psychological issues around food. Since the session, she has managed to lose almost 10kg and has started counselling for her possible eating disorder. It was so exciting for me to see her at a follow-up, and I hope to keep supporting her on a journey to being healthy in all ways!

In the last 3 or 4 years, I have found a passion for nutrition and training. Finding this course has just solidified it for me.

Not only has it had a positive influence on my medical practice, but it has also helped me grow personally.

I can better help my patients, with nutrition knowledge of course, but also with concepts like motivational interviewing. I feel that this course will help direct my practice of medicine into a field that I enjoy.

MNU has had a profound impact on my life. It has opened up possibilities for my work, changed my goals for the future and set me up to have a more positive impact on those around me.