Dr Sara Mauthoor

By sophielester July 27, 2021

The Mac-Nutrition Uni course was pitched perfectly to either those starting a career in nutrition as well as those already in the fitness industry.

The level of support in the student Facebook group was great. The number of students on the course is capped which allows more individual support and there was a lovely sense of support and community amongst the students.

My confidence has grown in the past year since doing MNU.

The ‘talking to camera’ core skill in Module 1 helped, as I have always had a public speaking phobia, and this forced me out of my comfort zone.

Setting myself the challenge of doing something totally different at the age of 40 (unrelated to my previous career) and achieving it is a real personal success. MNU is a thoroughly comprehensive and enjoyable course.

It fills me with pride to be able to say I am now an MNU Certified Nutritionist!