Fatou Ceesay

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

MNU has been everything I’ve ever hoped for. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained from MNU has been mind-blowing it teaches you real-life applications, business skills and confidence in your profession, if I ever needed help there was always someone there to support.

I have so many highlights from the course, I loved coming to the residentials and meeting everyone and I loved how no matter how complicated a lecture was you guys always reminded us not to be scared and that we could do it.

I loved how I could always take away incredible information from every lecture and it could be applied to life itself. I can’t think of anything I would change about MNU it’s brilliant, it’s changed my whole mindset about how I view food, life and health.

MNU has boosted my confidence in myself and my career choice. Thanks to MNU I see life in a better way and I know about all the different routes to helping clients and this makes my heart smile as I love helping people.

I am also very grateful to Martin for all of his help and for giving me time to sort myself out to be able to resume paying the monthly installments again, every time I think about it I tear up a little.

I’ve been through so much this year and yet MNU gave me a break and a chance. I will forever be grateful and thankful to you guys! because of you, my life has a purpose.