Faye Morley

By sophielester December 14, 2021

MNU exceeded any expectations that I had.

The level of support from tutors, and the knowledge that I gained, gave me so much confidence to help others.

I loved Module 4 (Practical Nutrition Support) because the theory and information got translated into practical terms – this was when I really started to get excited about building a nutrition business and helping others.

A client reached out to me from Istanbul who has PCOS because I spoke openly about my experience and what I have learnt via MNU. She said “I cannot describe the relief I had after we decided to work together. So good to be in professional hands.” – so that is cool and all down to MNU!

The lectures were very engaging and I really enjoyed getting to meet everyone on the Case Study Residential Day. I’m so pleased I managed to get a space on MNU, it provided a lot of value.