Gregory Sutton

By tobygraham September 16, 2021

MNU is the real deal. The course taught me everything nutrition-related from the fundamentals of physiology, health, and fitness, all the way to the fine details of optimizing athletic performance with different styles of athletes and how to approach clients with specific diseases and illnesses.

A personal highlight for me was getting evidence-based approaches to some complicated topics from a group of people in the industry who I respect and trust.

After MNU I feel comfortable knowing that I have the tools and knowledge to take on clinically vulnerable clients who are looking for guidance and support from me.

Toward the end of completing the course with MNU my sister, who is pregnant, told me she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This was a topic that I had never touched on or even heard of before MNU. Thanks to the skills and knowledge that I gained with MNU, she was able to get all of her health markers back to normal levels in a very short period of time.

I have been able to help many of my clients improve their recovery going into athletic competitions specifically from the knowledge that I gained through MNU.

Overall, thanks to the knowledge that I have gained through this course, I went from being a kind of confident nutritionist to an extremely confident nutritionist, knowing that everything that I am recommending to my clients is evidence-based, safe and effective.

The MNU team made a damn solid course and one that I have already recommended to dozens of people. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’m looking forward to seeing what your team is developing in the future!