Hannah Baynes

By tobygraham December 14, 2021

The student support group was amazing and I appreciated the lecturers emailing us to check with how we are getting on. Any queries were answered quickly and always so helpful.

My personal highlights were the guest lecturers, additional videos and Modules 3 & 5.

MNU has given me so much more confidence in my knowledge of nutrition. I can now understand why it is so well appreciated.

With no previous experience and purely enrolling out of interest, this course has encouraged me to further a career in helping people with their own nutrition journeys. The course was so well put together, particularly the revision and exam period.

Thank you to the MNU team for the course and all the hard work you have put into it, it has made me believe that anything you are passionate about should not be overlooked! I know MNU will continue to do so much more good!