Ian Macmillian

By tobygraham October 7, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni sets itself apart from other courses I have done.

The engagement throughout the course, the Student Group and weekly check-ins helped me stick to the course and not panic or feel overwhelmed at any point. I also felt it was easy to get in touch with the MNU Team directly with any queries or issues.

In terms of applicability to my business, it’s honestly one of the first courses I have completed and felt I know exactly where to start and how to confidently work with various clients to apply the knowledge I have gained.

I loved learning about supplements and especially all the information about Vitamin D. I also enjoyed the live lectures on fat loss and muscle gain.

One of my favourite things about the course though was that every lecture was kept interesting by going off on tangents and throwing in some new insights.

I just want to thank everyone involved at MNU for creating this course and making it so enjoyable. From start to finish, it has been brilliant.