Ivana Stulina

By romariodhaliwal April 9, 2024

I would highly recommend Mac-Nutrition Uni to anyone interested in nutrition, general healthy living and especially those looking to pursue a professional career in the field of nutrition.

Even though my occupation and job are not related to nutrition, I have always been intrigued by this area. I am an advocate for a healthy and quality lifestyle and wanted to gather as much information and knowledge as possible to enhance the quality of my life.

Over the years, while following and reading various sources of information, I realised the extent of misinformation present. In general conversations with people in everyday life, it is evident that many people struggle to differentiate truth from various misconceptions.

By enrolling on MNU, I wanted to equip myself with a foundation that could dispel their beliefs in non-scientifically grounded information. I aimed to assist my parents, who suffer from health issues such as high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and IBS as much as I could. Moreover, I wanted to gain knowledge that I could apply to improve their quality of life in their later years.

I can proudly say that during MNU, I learned many things that enabled me to assist my parents (in managing Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and reducing IBS symptoms). Mac-Nutrition Uni empowered me to communicate more effectively and advocate for my parents in front of doctors by asking the right questions.