Jade Raskin

By romariodhaliwal April 9, 2024

Mac-Nutrition Uni has been incredible.

I always wanted to study nutrition but couldn’t fathom taking a degree. After completing my Personal Training Certification and another online Nutrition course, I realised that I needed more knowledge to truly help people with nutrition so taking MNU made it possible for me to get what I wanted by studying a Level 5 Diploma while working full-time.

I was pretty confident that the course was right for me as I have followed Martin’s content for many years, but I was so impressed at the way the course was structured and that every part was so well catered to a great user experience.

The course material is succinct and to the point, there is zero fluff and the student support is amazing whenever there were questions. The lectures are presented well, and all the homework and extra reading are completely useful.

What I enjoyed the most was that I could apply the things that I learnt immediately and I can absolutely see myself making a full-time living from this course, either as an add-on service to my Personal Training business or as a standalone offer.

Instagram: @jades_day