James Griffiths

By tobygraham December 8, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni is hands down the best nutrition course I have done. The depth of the lectures, the Mentoring Lab and the Student group inspire you to want to learn and understand more.

Even my Sports Science degree didn’t have the level of detail that MNU has. As a personal trainer, MNU has given me a level of confidence in my ability to support clients that I didn’t know I could achieve.

The endurance lecture was a highlight and as a runner, this was very interesting and helpful. The advanced muscle gain and fat loss lectures were invaluable for helping clients along with so many others.

Personally, my confidence in coaching consultations has increased so much, I feel like I can really help clients and advise them to achieve much better results. I  have had one client go under 3 hours in a marathon for the first time.

Honestly thank you so much to the MNU team for putting together the worlds best nutrition course. It is not only a course that is levels above any other but resources such as the Mentoring Lab really fuelled my passion to learn and become the best practitioner possible.