Janine Lee

By tiabeard October 3, 2022

Mac-Nutrition Uni has been the single best decision and investment I have made for my career.

MNU provides evidence-based lectures that allow you to deliver effective nutrition strategies to clients.

It also has the best support system I have ever seen on a course, from the technology used and present lecturers to the support from MNU graduates/current students.

Although I have a background in food and nutrition, I changed careers many years ago and coming back into nutrition as a career changer again, the support has just been second to none.

Before applying to Mac-Nutrition Uni, I completed some other nutrition courses and they didn’t even qualify as a pre-requisite for MNU. Having now completed MNU I can see why. It’s a market leader and clear differentiator in the nutrition training space.

MNU has profoundly impacted me for several reasons. It’s driven confidence, challenged my own biases and provided me with everything I need to effectively deliver a nutrition service and more importantly; evidence-based nutrition, enabling me to deliver with honesty and integrity.

The course has not only provided nutrition support and training but also business and soft skills too. This means you leave the course fully equipped with the knowledge of running a business.

Martin and the team have created something really special here and anyone looking to undertake a training programme in nutrition, look no further, nothing else touches the sides!

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