Jasmine Bastin

By romariodhaliwal April 9, 2024

Mac-Nutrition Uni is just fantastic! For individuals who have no prior nutrition education or awareness, MNU will most certainly give you this! The course itself is very well organised and promotes a “togetherness” approach for its students.

I opted for the Full with Honours course option and the biggest driver for this decision was the residentials. It was a great opportunity to meet others who are “like-minded” and learn from those who are already supporting clients and take their experience to shape mine. It gave me the chance to meet Martin & the tutors and to ask questions and learn more skill sets.

Even though the residentials were not part of the exams, they were so valuable! I would really recommend this course to those who have a curiosity to learn more about nutrition, those already in the industry and those who could better support their clients or business. I feel very privileged to have been accepted on the course, it far exceeded my expectations and really supported my own personal journey.

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