Jason French

By tobygraham October 4, 2021

For starters, MNU is evidence-based and helped me to fully understand the how’s and why’s without just being given or told the information.

Having the Student Group was great to interact and share thoughts, even for someone who is not great at social media.

While doing MNU, I had a new lease of life and appreciation for the course and content. I truly started to love what I was doing and why I wanted to do this.

The Special Considerations for Clinical Populations Module was by far the most enjoyable for me. I love helping people and having the knowledge now to potentially change someone’s well-being is really empowering, I get such a buzz helping others with their own health.

I have started helping clients with PCOS. Before MNU I wouldn’t have had much of an idea as to how I could help, but after MNU I have so much knowledge and I really feel I can help people with PCOS.

Using the skills I have learnt from the course I have found my consultations have really improved, I can now extract so much more information from clients which helps me advise them better.

A massive thank you to everyone at MNU for all your great work and for restoring my faith in the health and fitness industry, like massively!