Jasper McDermot

By tobygraham September 15, 2021

I feel as though the best thing about MNU is that it’s challenging; it’s engaging. You can’t just pay to play so you can say you’re MNU certified and that’s part of the point.

I also presented my first lecture(s) to the fitness community that I coach in, which was an immensely prideful moment for me and led to success. MNU definitely contributed to that confidence that I am indeed good enough.

During MNU, when lockdown hit I hosted a ‘Fat Loss 101’ seminar for my gym over Zoom. Over 60 people showed up and listened to me for over an hour, which truly distilled in me the feeling of ‘Oh yeah, I can do this’. Lots of people asked questions and I felt confident in answering every one of them, and making them all laugh along the way.