Jayne O’Toole

By tobygraham July 14, 2021

MNU is truly unrivalled with the quality of content, support and resources incomparable to any other course I have done.

It accounts for all aspects of preparing you for the industry whatever area you wish to specialise in.  Primarily, the course content provides the obvious knowledge gains you sign up for, alongside this however you gain core communication skills, business development, self awareness, confidence, contacts and connection to a community of like minded individuals.

This community will be a long term support network and resource as I build on from being an MNU student to fully fledged practitioner.

My confidence and self belief have increased as I believed that the MNU team believed in me and that was priceless. It’s changed the game for me.

I also found the residentials hugely beneficial for cementing some of what we had learnt, but also for building the core connections and support.

MNU is changing lives by guiding us to be the best practitioners we can be, instilling confidence, whilst providing empowering evidence-based information, thus changing the lives of those we work with.