Jeff Ash

By lucywilliams February 5, 2021

I’ve not encountered this level of support or practical application in any course or degree program I’ve ever taken.

A key point to be made is that the tutors are not only academically knowledgeable but also have real-world experience to back up what they’re teaching.

I made so many genuine, extremely high-quality professional connections with other MNU students and former students who I am confident I can go to at any time as a sounding board, for insight on client issues, feedback on project ideas, etc. I honestly feel like I have a team of world-class nutrition professionals at my fingertips anytime I may need a second opinion. I also made a few truly dear, close friends who I can’t wait to meet face to face.

In addition to the incredible education, the personal and professional connections are something you simply cannot put a price tag on.

I can’t thank everyone enough for a truly incredible experience! Each and every one of the MNU team.

This FAR FAR exceeded my expectations of the course. I really can’t even put it all into words. Even the exams were outstanding. I never would have thought I’d be impressed with the exams.

The content and format were really outstanding. The Mentoring Lab has been incredibly valuable for practising what we learn through discussions, both in those where I contribute and those where I simply turn on notifications so I can follow other comments.

I’m proud to be in the same company as other MNU Certified Nutritionists!