Jeff Heneghan

By romariodhaliwal May 16, 2023

I completed an MSc in Sports Performance at the University of Limerick. At the time of my studies it was ranked top 50 in the world for courses of that kind. I also completed a BSc Honours in Applied Strength and Conditioning.

MNU was not easy by any stretch of the imagination – but I wasn’t expecting that or even hoping for that.

MNU challenged me and gave me an opportunity to feel like I have TRULY earned my accreditation, and I know with that, the standard of its name is high and will remain so.

My MSc and BSc course were worthwhile but many people skated by and were credited with the qualification that really didn’t earn it in any meaningful way and it cheapened the sense of value in the qualification as a result.

I appreciate MNU so much beyond the exceptional information and personalities behind the course. Put simply, I appreciate MNU for its integrity.

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