Jen Preston

By lucywilliams February 5, 2021

Many moons ago I couldn’t decide whether to do pharmacy or nutrition at Uni and I went with pharmacy. I never envisaged that I’d now be in a position where I can potentially do both, but thanks to MNU – the knowledge, skills, fantastic level of support, business know-how accrued along the way, this has been made feasible for me.

I particularly enjoyed learning about nutrition & lifestyle management relating to chronic conditions such as CVD and diabetes as this is an area I can apply to my pharmacy work.

I will never forget MNU for now allowing me to pursue my passion as a side gig.

(and potentially full-time in future.. who knows!).

The Mentoring Lab Facebook group provides amazing value when seeking advice, or bouncing ideas off of others. Most of all, I have been placed in contact with some amazing like-minded individuals who want to achieve the same things as me.