Jerome O’Connor

By tobygraham October 18, 2021

I have not done other courses in nutrition, but I have studied software in college. I much preferred the way MNU was done. I thought the content delivered was much better and the support was always there if needed.

The homework was always relevant and provided a purpose for either further learning, better understanding or just helping to create social media content.

A personal highlight of mine was getting an understanding of things like cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as becoming more confident in my knowledge of energy balance and how to properly research papers.

Since MNU I have been a guest speaker at an elderly group meeting about general health, setting up a presence on social media, educating them in nutrition and helping them reach their goals.

My favourite part about MNU though is having confidence in my knowledge and knowing it’s based on evidence that I can look at myself rather than someone else’s ideas out of a book they wrote.

I have loved the course and would not change a thing. All the information was amazing and presented in an interesting way. Not just reading power points, but explaining and providing extra nuggets of info along the way.