John Reece

By tobygraham October 4, 2021

Having spoken to people doing various other online courses, it’s clear that MNU has a much higher level of student support & interaction and is set out in a much better way, for example, new lectures released each week rather than all at once.

It also seems to have a much higher level of focus on the practical side of things in comparison to other courses, both in person or online.

I had a post-menopausal woman see me for weight loss. After having a bit of a chat she mentioned that she had done Isagenix before and didn’t mind the fasting element of it. After a bit more talking we decided to go with an 8hr eating window as the method for weight loss. I saw her again 2 weeks later and she had lost 1.5kg.

It may only sound small but prior to MNU I probably would have just said something like “I know you’ve done tracking before so I think we should do that again,” but because I didn’t want to lead her in any direction, I was able to use a bit of motivational interviewing to find a potentially more suitable option.